Hydraulic Clamping Fixtures

What are hydraulic clamping fixtures? Hydraulic clamping fixtures are the application of technology in manufacturing. It has several advantages over the traditional clamping methods. First of all, it is a one-time investment that is going to reap benefits for many years to come though you will have to take care of its repairs and maintenance from time to time. Another advantage is that of reducing human error. Getting things done by workers need a lot of additional efforts. It involves transporting, training, managing and supervising them. Their work then needs to be checked by quality control department. So it takes a lot of effort on the part of manufacturers and producers to employ skilled manpower for doing the clamping. With automation, there is no risk of missing any of the steps. Once initiated, the system is self dependent and eliminates possibility of human error.

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Increased productivity and decreased variables

Another benefit of installing hydraulic clamping fixtures is that it increases productivity. You can get more work done with lesser effort. Though you would pay higher electricity bills, you can use the new installation round the clock for manufacturing and production. This would help you produce more and increase your profits. Further, automatic clamping produces same effect again and again giving you a consistency in the force applied on the object. Similarly, the same area is clamped rather than change in the location. On the other hand, manual clamping would cause a variation in the clamping force and location. This would lead to a lot of waste.

Work faster and be more flexible

You can get through large amount of work faster with hydraulic clamping than the manual clamping method. You don't have to bother about working hours and availability of the operator. All you need to do is ensure that the machine is up and running. You can reduce the turnaround time of production and manufacture more units. The machine is programmable as you can develop complex and sophisticated clamping programmes. This would help you repeat the same process with the same consistency over and over again. Despite the complexity of the process, there would be no possibility of missing any step. Many of the complex processes cannot be performed with hundred per cent accuracy by the human mind. However, these can be easily executed through automation. Hydraulic clamping offers this benefit.

Ergonomic benefit

In the old days, the operator had to stay put in the same position to do the clamping. With the automation, it is more comfortable for the operator to manage the machine. So, moving to hydraulic clamping has health benefits. This can help in cutting on the attrition rate as well.

If you have not installed hydraulic clamping fixtures at your plant, manufacturing unit or production unit, you should do it right away. This way, you would be able to draw all the above mentioned benefits. The manpower that used to go into operating the machine can now be used elsewhere for more productive works. How about adopting this technology today?